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Wheaton Creek Guest Ranch with Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and Lodging

Wheaton Creek Ranch is situated in the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Region of Northern New Mexico. The area teams with wildlife, stretching over 36,000 acres in the Rocky Mountains. Wheaton Creek Ranch located near Ocate, 25 miles east of Angle Fire and 50 miles north of Las Vegas, New Mexico offers a wide range of New Mexico landscapes and activities

Wheaton Creek Ranch 36,000 acres of diversity

The Ranch Lands consist of 15,000 private Acres and 21,000 acres of State Trust Land. Our private lands are composed of over 90 separate homesteads. The settlers chose the land for its beauty and natural resources. As a result, the area is easy to access, has abundant water, and fertile meadows. Furthermore, three perennial spring fed stream systems and a variety of mountain lakes and ponds provide resources to the valley’s inhabitants and visitors. Due to the ample water and various ecosystems available here, this has been a favorite hunting ground of the Apache and Comanche tribes for hundreds of years.

We overlook the Santa Fe Trail and include a variety of micro-climates. The property ranges from 7,500’ to 9,300’ in altitude. We are located where pinon and juniper rim rock plains merge with the Typical “Western Plains”. Ponderosa forests in the midlands, and the Aspen / mixed conifer forests in the highlands are surrounded by large valleys and picturesque meadows. Dramatic rocky bluffs and steep canyons, lakes with views to distant peaks. Pristine mountain streams, remnants of the old west, log cabins, adobe homesteads, and a “ghost” lumber camp.

We have a long heritage as a working ranch with corals, barns, tack sheds and scale house; cowboys, horses and cattle drives, star filled nights and howling coyotes. Large herds of elk roam the land along with deer, turkey, bear, and mountain lion. Bald eagles, hawks, and migratory fowl occupy the skies and lakes while varieties of trout swim the spring fed streams.