Wheaton Creek Ranch Hunting



Wheaton Creek Ranch is a private New Mexico hunting ranch.  We provide the most experienced outfitting and guide services as well as as some of of the best accommodations and facilities in New Mexico. Unlike many other New Mexico outfitters, we provide the hunt on our ranch which we live and work on all year round. We are intimately aware of the movements of the elk herds as well as the habits of the largest bulls in those herds.

The New Mexico Game and Fish gives WCR the best elk habitat rating in New Mexico and issues WCR hundreds of Landowner Elk tags based on surveys, private land elk populations, and harvest objectives. We have been offering elk hunts for over 35 years, but since 2008 we began managing for Quality Hunts rather than opportunity hunts and in 2014 we introduced our exclusive outfitting and guide services.


Merriam Turkey are known to be the most dramatic and beautiful of the Turkey Grand Slam. Wheaton Creek has both spring and fall Merriam Turkey Hunts. Prices include all food and lodging during the hunt as well as the night before and morning after the hunt.



The bear on Wheaton Creek Ranch have enjoyed protection from hunting for 30 years. After continued damage to our heirloom apple orchards it was highly recommended to reduce the number of bear on the ranch. The ranch is offering special pricing to our elk hunters if they choose to add a bear to their hunt.

2017 Depredation Special combo hunt- elk and bear combo – an additional $1000 paid only if you harvest a bear during your elk hunt. Other combination hunts and activities such as fly-fishing or horseback riding are arranged upon request.



Cougar Hunting on the Ranch has only been allowed for the last 3 years. We have a very healthy population of big toms.


All animals on Wheaton Creek Ranch are part of a holistic management program. For over 30 years the ranch has protected it’s mule deer populations. Due to hunting pressure through out New Mexico we saw deer populations fall at alarmingly rates. New Mexico Game and Fish greatly reduced the number of hunting opportunities for deer and we are now seeing greatly increased numbers through our area. Important in the balance of both the fauna and flora, mule deer are most needed to browse the gamble oak and brush in the Rocky Mountain landscape.

Wheaton Creek Ranch continues to manage its growing population of Mule Deer, but expect that soon we will be able to offer some limited hunting opportunities for these amazing animals.

Outfitting and Guide Services and Our Success Rates

In 2014 we introduced our exclusive outfitter and guide service and our guided hunters enjoyed over 95% opportunity. Our either sex archery hunts kicked off the hunting season with everyone “being in elk” and enjoying the unforgettable experience of “the rut”. Guided Elk Archery Hunts had a 25% success rate with our largest bull elk harvested mounting a 362. Guided Elk Muzzleloader Hunts followed with 80% success rates and our Guided Elk Rifle Hunts had 100% success rates. The average bull elk harvest scores were 270. In 2015 and 2016 our hunters enjoyed the same quality hunt experience with an even higher average bull harvest score of 280.

Our Goal

At WCR we strive to make your hunt the best hunting experience you have ever had. Our staff is truly happy to see you and looks forward to sharing this incredible outdoor adventure with you.

Our Main Headquarters and guest services offer everything you could expect, complete with private bedrooms and private bathrooms, new comfortable twin, queen and king sized beds, wonderful home cooked meals, lighting fast fiber optic internet, Smart 60” TV and much more. Enjoy the unforgettable view surrounding you in the Canada Bonita Valley while dining, lounging under the large veranda, or even soaking away the tension after a big day of hunting ( my personal favorite on a peaceful star filled night – Ahhhh…..) Our hunters come back year after year and when they are filling generous, even invite their wives.

Welcome to Wheaton Creek’s 2017 Hunting Season. If there is anything you need, we are here for you.

Wheaton Creek Ranch 2016-2017 Hunting Season Price and
Date Schedule

Archery Hunts Bull/Cow Elk – Archery Hunts can hunt either sex Elk

  • Sept 1-7 (7 day hunt) $6950
  • Sept 8-14 (7 day hunt) $7450
  • Sept 15-19 (5 day hunt) $7950 RUT
  • Sept 20-24 (5 day hunt) $7950 RUT

Bull Elk Muzzleloader

  • Oct 7-11 (5 day hunt) $7950

Bull Elk Rifle

  • 1st Rifle Oct 14-18 (5 day hunt) $7950 RUT—SOLD OUT
  • 2nd Rifle Oct 26-30 (5 day hunt)  $7450 SOLD OUT
  • 3rd Rifle Nov 8-23 OPEN (5 day) $7450 // Nov 26-30 $7450
  • 4th Rifle Dec 11-15 $7450 // Dec 17-21 $7450

Christmas Package Bull Elk Rifle $7450



ANTLERLESS ELK COW PRICE entire month of January 3 day hunt all-inclusive $1950


  • April 1st 5 day hunt all-inclusive $4250, $43 license (resident) $290 license (non-resident)


  • April 15 – May 10 includes 2 bearded birds/3day hunt $2,450 1 Bird/3day $1,600

Merriam Turkey Fall

  • Sept 1-30 Archery 1 bird/3day $1,750
  • Nov 1-30 Any Legal Firearm 1 bird/3day $1.750


  • August 16 until quota is met – Zone 4
  • Hunts take place over water holes, apple trees or other areas.  Dogs at the ranch’s sole discretion
  • $2,500 all-inclusive 5 day hunt
  • $1,000 Harvest Fee (If on a bull elk hunt)
  • Aug 16-34 Any Legal Firearm
  • Sept 1-24 Archery Only
  • Sept 25 until quota is met (any legal firearm)


Food and Lodging $750/week based on double occupancy
Ride along with a hunter $1150/week per person includes food and lodging

All hunter rates are per person based on double occupancy.  The hunt rate includes 2 on 1 guide service, food, beverage, lodging, the new Mexico license​ and private landowner tag.




  • What does “all inclusive” include?
    • Hunts include meals, lodging, license(s), landowner tag, hunting guide and on ranch hunt transportation. State sales tax and customary staff gratuities are not included in package price.
  • How much should I expect to pay for a tip?
    • All tips are at your discretion and are always greatly appreciated by our staff. It is standard in the industry for total tips to be 10% of the full amount paid for your hunt. If you have an exceptional experience or if, for any reason, you felt your service was unsatisfactory, feel free to adjust tips accordingly. Your tip is normally shared between your guide and then kitchen staff and housekeeping.
  • What services will our guide provide?
    • Your experienced guide will field dress and quarter your animal and store it in our walk in coolers. Transportation of meat to the local processor, caping and delivery of the cape and antlers to our local taxidermist, as well as processing and mounting casts can all be arranged. See pricing for these services.
  • How should I prepare for my hunt?
    • Here is a list of the most important preparations you can do to get ready for your experience.
      • Take every opportunity to be familiar and proficient with you firearm. We will give you the opportunity to test your firearm to make sure nothing has shifted in transit. Please come early enough the day before your hunt to allow for this.
      • While we can accommodate a wide variety of skill and condition levels, the better shape you are in will increase your options and success rate. Your guide will tailor your hunt to your abilities, please be realistic with him so you can have the best experience possible.
      • Pack for varying conditions. The mountains can be warm and sunny one minute and cold and rainy/snowy the next. Bring layers for all possible weather conditions. Our bright sunny days are amazing and intense – remember your sunscreen!
  • Do I need to pack a sleeping bag and other such gear?
    • No, you are staying in one of the nicest hunting lodges around. Clean fresh bedding, towels, and other such things are provided.
  • Do you have Internet?
    • Believe it or not, we have fiber optic lines servicing the lodge. Computer access, Internet, wifi, smart TV with Netflix etc. are all available for your use and enjoyment.